428th District Court

What the 428th District Court Does

People come before the court with life-changing issues. As judge, I deal with serious felonies, family law and complex civil disputes. Each type of case requires years of expertise to handle in a fair, just and efficient manner. This does not happen to accident. I have dedicated my life to handling these disputes and providing justice for all people. Each of the cases I hear requires a high level of specialized knowledge, experience and expertise. I have been a courtroom lawyer for 17 years and a trial judge for another 12 years. I am board certified in Civil Trial Law and Family Law. I have been a prosecutor. I routinely handle serious cases dealing with child assault, human trafficking, murder and aggravated robbery. In the area of family law, I routinely deal with child custody issues and the division of community property. In civil cases, I routinely deal with complex procedure, evidence and jury issues.


428th District Court


Who the Court Serves

The 428th District Court serves Hays County only. I never forget that the citizens of Hays County alone own this court. As a citizen, you pay the taxes and you pick the judge. Every day I go to work and try to make this community a better place. Every day I try to find a way to serve the citizens of this community through the court system. That is why I have worked hard to reduce backlogs, make the court accessible and hold violent criminals accountable for their actions.


428th District Court 02


How the Court was Created

In 2004, I began to research statistics comparing the case load of the Hays County district courts with that of comparable counties. I then helped create a report outlining the need for a new court in our county. This report went to the Texas Legislature for review. The legislature voted to create the 428th District Court in late 2005.

I am proud of the process that resulted in my appointment to the 428th Court. The Governor’s office did an extensive investigation of my background and experience before making the appointment. They investigated my courtroom skills, demeanor under pressure, and legal reputation The Governor’s office talked to judges and other attorneys whom I have worked with and against. They also spoke to citizens from all over the county before making the decisions to appoint me as a judge. I thank them for their support and confidence.